Adelaide’s premier fencing club established 1936

Founded in 1936 as the “Adelaide Amateur Fencing Club”, Adelaide Swords Club is the largest fencing club in South Australia with a strong membership base of over 150 fencers. In our community, we are proud to have State Champions, State Team members, Australian Team members, National Champions, Olympians and World Championship medallists.

As a club, we cater for everyone, from absolute beginners to those who want to take their fencing as far as they can. We are open three times a week and offer coaching and classes to children and adults in all three weapons: foil, epee and sabre. 

The club is open Monday and Wednesday nights for training, open bouting and private lessons. Classes are held on Saturday mornings and Monday and Wednesday evening from 6.30pm.

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Learn to fence with us

The modern sport of fencing is safe and fun. We offer beginner classes for children of all ages and come-and-try sessions for older teens and adults. Find out more…

The modern sport of fencing

Fencing is a sport in which two competitors fight using blunt, electrically-scoring swords. Points are made by contacting the opponent’s target. Although sword-fighting has a long and bloody history, fencing is a modern, safe sport, which has been contested in every modern Olympic Games.

There are three different styles: foil, epee and sabre. All use the same footwork and have similar underlying principles, but each has a different weapon and rules. Most competitive fencers choose to specialise in one weapon only.

For more information on our sport, visit the Wikipedia or Olympic Games pages.

Adelaide Swords Club is a multi-weapon club. We teach our beginner children in foil and beginner adults in epee. Lessons and classes are available in all three weapons.