We run a continuous epee competition on Wednesday nights - all present fencers are included in a pool, and fence bouts to 5 hits. Victories are recorded and kept from week to week, and a winner is announced each term, and an overall victor at the end of the year. 

End of year events

We end each fencing year with our club competitions, and Saturday BBQ and an awards night.

Kids' competitions: Festive Foil, Elves' Epee, Santa's Sabre (open to our Saturday and Monday junior class fencers)

Adult competitions: Unexpected Epee (one-touch epee, open to all club members) 


Clubs sometimes organise friendly competitions externally to the official Fencing SA state calendar. We have an ongoing tournament with the Adelaide Hills Fencing Club: the Golden Gauntlet. This is run in the later half of the year, and involves a junior foil team and senior epee team event, usually with dinner and a movie. More information is provided in the e-newsletters. 

state competitions

The State Competition calendar is written and published each year by Fencing SA. Competitions are offered in the following grades: U11, U13, U15, U17/20 (all foil), U17/20 epee and sabre, Open (all three weapons), Veteran (foil and epee), Novice foil, Intermediate foil and epee, Youth Intermediate foil.

Click here for more information on State Competitions. 

School-age fencers also have the opportunity to represent the club in the School-Age Foil Team League, fenced on Thursday nights in terms 2 and 3. There are three categories of teams: junior boys (all in year 8 and below), senior boys (year 9 and above) and girls (any age but single sex). Information for ASC fencers about this competition is released in term 1, and is included in the e-newsletter. 

The Australian Fencing Federation run competitions throughout the year, in different cities. National competitions are offered in U15, U17, U20, U23, Open and Veteran categories. The AFF also have school individual and school team competitions. Fencers can also compete for their University at the annual Unigames. NSW Fencing Association invite fencers from all states to compete in the annual teams event, the Friendship Cup, held in November to coincide with their U11 and U13 state championships. 

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National Competitions