Membership & Fee Structure

Club membership is charged annually (per calendar year). Fencers must be members of the club to participate in club activities (except for beginner courses), or pay a casual visit fee of $10. We offer a family discount of 20% off the second and subsequent memberships in the same family. 

From 2018 most memberships will be paid online. CLICK HERE for the registration and payment page. 

Senior Membership: $300 (full year) / $160 (half year)
Junior Membership (under 20 or full-time student): $190 (full year) / $100 (half year) 

We also offer associate membership for family and friends who wish to support the club. No fees are charged but assiciate members must pay a casual visit or class fee if they wish to participate. 

Adelaide Swords Club also offers Life Membership to those who have demonstrated outstanding service to the club over a period of time. Life Members' membership fees are waived. 

Membership fees are in addition to any applicable class fees. 
See: Weekly Classes (Children) and Weekly Classes (Adults) 

See also: Make a Payment