welcome to fencing 

Fencing is a sport in which two competitors fight using blunt, electrically-scoring swords. Points are made by contacting the opponent's target. Although sword-fighting has a long and bloody history, fencing is a modern, safe sport, which has been contested in every modern Olympic Games. 

There are three different styles: foil, epee and sabre. All use the same footwork, and have similar underlying principles, but each has a different weapon and rules. Most competitive fencers choose to specialise in one weapon only. 

For more information on our sport, visit the Wikipedia or Olympic Games pages.  

Adelaide Swords Club is a multi-weapon club. We teach our beginner children in foil and beginner adults in epee. Lessons and classes are available in all three weapons. 



A thrusting weapon (scoring only with the point), the target area is the opponent's entire body.

If both fencers land a touch at the same time, they will both score a point.



Also a thrusting weapon, but the target area is only the torso.

If both fencers land a touch at the same time, the referee will apply the rules of "right of way" to determine who scores the point.



A cutting weapon (using the edge of the blade to score), the target is everything above the waist.

Like foil, the rules of "right of way" apply if both fencers land a touch simultaneously.

Foil (top), epee (middle), sabre (bottom)

Foil (top), epee (middle), sabre (bottom)